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Product Design, Architectural Consultancy, Maker Workshops, Prototyping and Digital Fabrication services !

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About Zios Makerspace

  • Architecture

    Our Architects design projects tailor made for your needs with the best of:
    1. Computational Design practices
    2. Digital Fabrication practices
    3. System Integration practices

  • Industrial Design

    Our team of Industrial Designers are perfect for your prototyping needs. If you have an idea, reach out to us, and be ready with a working prototype to pitch to your startup's investors.

  • Merchandise Design

    Zios X's prestine line of merchandise (a first for Chandigarh) can better the standards set for any corporate gifting, wedding invitation needs in our State -of -the -Art Design Lab.

  • Hub for Makers

    Each one of YOU is the best celebrity designer for us and so our Makerspace unlike any other design studio lets you fabricate your custom designs using our infrastructure.

    About Fab Lab Chandigarh

  • Fab Lab Status

    Recognised by FAB FOUNDATION, USA, a global network of 1400+ Fab Labs operate on lines set by their Chairman, Dr. Neil Gershenfeld, Director, CBA | MIT, BOSTON

  • Academany Courses

    A series of International 6-month handson courses are offered in Fab Lab Chandigarh where Global lectures are delivered from MIT, Boston and IaaC, Barcelona campus.

Who are we?


Create, Design, Innovate, Generate, Build, Construct and Digitally Fabricate. This is what exactly defines ZIOS Makerspace. Following the Fab Lab Global Charter of "Open For all", anyone can walk into our FabLab and utilise the available infrastrucure under our professional guidance. You can make furniture, design and fabricate products, prototype, precision cut materials with our sophisticated equipment, physically compute, and do any experiments that capture one’s imagination.

Contact Us

  • Address

    Registered Office:
    1480/1, Sector 43-B
    Chandigarh U.T.

  • Contact

    Call : +91 998 8999 275
    Makerspace's Email : [email protected]
    Fab Lab's Email : [email protected]

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